One more off the bucket list

My list isn’t that long

My life is such a mess well really not my life,  my house, it’s a mess.  I’m a mixed media artist and my house is my work room.  My work room has ooozed over.

At least with a blog, I can keep my mind clutter free and I can have a tiny spot that has order.

Becoming a good sewer is on my bucket list.  I don’t know why,  I hate to wear clothes and I could care less about fashion.  I Just like pretty things.

Right now I’m taking a Craftsy class on moulage making.  A moulage is a covering of your body made of fabric with zero ease.  It fits like a glove,  a second skin.  Once you have one you can then make a sloper which is a tool for pattern making.  Like a finger print, only you can have your own sloper.  I’ve been struggling making the prefect dress form for myself.  I decided to use my moulage as a custom dress form.  After it’s sewed up I will stuff and pad it so that I have my own body double.   Maybe then when I sew something for myself, it will actually fit.



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